Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

Are you craving some delicious, mouthwatering snacks? When it comes to bread, you must be planning to visit Panera, right? But are you confused about whether Panera takes Apple Pay or not?

Well, we are here to resolve all your doubts and confusion. By the end of this blog, you’ll get your answer to the question “Does Panera take Apple Pay”?

Does Panera Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Panera takes Apple Pay. It is the first restaurant that started accepting contactless payments. Since the launch of their application, they have added Apple Pay as a payment mode.

How do I use Apple Pay at Panera

Apple Pay is acceptable both for making in-store as well by ordering through the application.

Not only this but also it offers a cashback of 3% daily if the purchases are made using Apple Pay. That’s why, to earn extra cashback it is always advisable to use the application for making the payments.

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A Brief Introduction To Panera Bread

Panera Bread is an American bakery cafe that has branches in more than 2000 locations in Canada and the United States.

Panera Bread is famous for its delicious servings. It offers a wide variety of baked goods, pastries, brownies, cookies, muffins and croissants, and scones.

Apart from the bakery, Panera also offers other dishes as well. The regular menu at Panera includes pizzas, panini, salads, flatbreads, sandwiches, grain bowls, and beverages including espresso, coffee, smoothies, frozen drinks, hot chocolate, lemonade, and a lot more.

In addition to this, it aims at serving its customers in the best possible way. For that, it keeps offering various cashback, offers, and other conveniences to the customers.

How To Use Apple Pay At Panera?

Using Apple Pay at Panera is simple! All you need is an Apple device and follow the below-mentioned process :-

Step 1 :- 

You must have an Apple Watch or iPhone that supports Apple Pay. In addition to this, your Apple device must have updated iOS versions on your device.

Step 2 :-

Then, add your debit or credit card to your Apple Wallet to be able to make payments.

Step 3 :-

After that, hold your Apple device near the payment scanner/NFC reader to pay for their purchases.

Step 4 :-

Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your password to authorize the payment. Then, wait for some time to get the transaction approved, and then you’re done!

What All You Need To Pay At Panera?

To make payments at Panera, you need to have some things. Here are they :-

  • An Apple device i.e.; an Apple watch, iPad, or an iPhone that supports Apple Pay.
  • A debit or credit card that’s added to your Apple wallet.
  • The updated version of iOS is installed on your Apple device.
  • A Panera Bread location that accepts payments through Apple Pay.

That’s it, you need these basic things to be able to make payments using Panera Apple Pay. However, paying through Apple Pay at Panera is a very convenient and quick way to make payments for your meals.

By following all these basic steps, you can pay easily without using any debit, credit cards, or cash.

What Are The Other Payment Methods Available At Panera?

Apple Pay is a secure and safe method of making payments for your purchases. But, if you’re not an iOS user, then don’t worry, Panera also accepts payment through other modes.

Here are the payment methods offered by Panera. They are as follows :-

  • Debit Cards :- You can pay using debit cards at Panera. They work the same as Credit cards. All you need to do is, insert and swipe your card at the terminal and your payment will be processed.
  • Credit Cards :- All the kinds of credit cards like MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Visa are accepted at Panera. Just insert, swipe and the transaction will be done.
  • Mobile Wallets :- Along with Apple Pay, Panera also accepts payments through Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other mobile wallets. If you use any of these wallets, then you can surely use them to make payments for your transactions.
  • PayPal :- Panera also accepts payment through other digital wallets such as PayPal. So, if you’re a PayPal user, then the good news is that Panera accepts payments through PayPal too.
  • Gift Cards :- This is also a great way of making payments at Panera. It offers various gift cards to the customers which can be redeemed later to make payment.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Apple Pay At Panera?

Yes, using Apple Pay at Panera has a lot of advantages to offer. We have jotted down some of them below :-

  • Daily Cash

By using Apple Card or Apple Pay at Panera you get a cashback of up to 3% on all your purchases. You can redeem this rebate and use it for your purchases in the future. Other than this, you can also transfer it to your bank account.

  • MyPanera Rewards

How about getting rewards just for using the application? Yes, you earn MyPanera reward points as you make transactions at Panera.

You can get these points redeemed for freebies such as salads, sandwiches, pastries, and a lot more. The reward points increase as you use Apple Pay.

  • Offers And Promotions

Apple Pay offers deals and promotions as well. For instance, you get free coffee for a few months for subscribing to the Panera application.

Conclusion :-

That’s a wrap from our side on the blog ” Does Panera take Apple Pay”?.

Now you do not have to control your cravings! You can surely visit Panera, because yes, it accepts payment through Apple Pay.

The best thing about Panera is that it is an ethical business that offers fresh and good quality ingredients to its customers. By offering contactless, safe, and secure payment features, it is only becoming technically updated but also it is winning the hearts of many!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Panera Bread takes payment through Apple Pay. You can easily make contactless payments without standing in long queues using Apple Pay.

It is a convenient, safe, and secure option for making payments for your purchases. So, yeah, now you don’t need to carry your cards or cash with you because you can easily pay with your phone.

Does Panera Take Google Pay?

Yes, other than Apple Pay, Panera Bread also takes payment through Google Pay.

Google Pay is another contactless payment method. It works especially with Android phones and smartwatches. To make a payment through Google Pay, add your payment card to the application and then bring your device near the card reader to finish the transaction.

Whichever payment mode you use, make sure to check offers, cashback, and rewards.

Does Panera Take Samsung Pay?

Yes, Samsung Pay is accepted at Panera. So, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have an Apple device. You can still pay using your Android device at Panera Bread. You can use it for drive-thru as well as in-store payment only.

Is Apple Pay Safe To Use At Panera?

Yes,  Apple Pay is safe to use at Panera. All the payments that are made through Apple Pay are encrypted and they are sent through a safe process.

That means, your data is always safe when you make payments through Apple Pay.

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