SafeLink Phone Replacements: Get A Free Replacement Phone If Yours Is Broken Or Stolen

With so many things to worry about in life, it can be hard to keep up with every last detail. So, let SafeLink take care of your monthly phone bill and get one replacement phone per year if your phone happens to be lost or stolen, or broken.

If you’re an eligible SafeLink Wireless customer, you may be able to get your next SafeLink replacement phone free of charge if your current one is broken or stolen.

The best part about this service, of course, is that it’s 100 percent free! You won’t have to pay any extra charges or hidden fees when you receive a new replacement phone from SafeLink Wireless.

If you’re using the SafeLink Government phone service, you know that this is a great low-cost phone plan that doesn’t require credit checks or contracts.

You may not know, however, that there are certain situations in which SafeLink will give you a free replacement phone.

If your current SafeLink phone happens to be broken or stolen, SafeLink may provide you with one of their current phones as a replacement – all at no additional cost to you!

Learn more about the eligibility requirements and how to get your free replacement phone below.

What Is Safelink Wireless?

Safelink Wireless is a company that provides free wireless service to those who have low incomes. Safelink has a clear replacement policy.

Their policy states that each customer is entitled to one replacement device if the device is broken or stolen.

However, if the phone was accidentally exposed to liquid, or something destroys it (say a motorcycle running over it), then they do not fulfill the policy’s request.

What Is The Safelink Replacement Phone Policy?

For Example – If you have SafeLink Wireless, and your phone happens to get dropped in water or crushed by your motorcycle, then the policy does not apply to you.

If your phone breaks or gets stolen, SafeLink has a clear replacement policy. The policy is each customer gets one replacement SafeLink Compatible phone in case the phone is broken or stolen.

The number of times you can replace the phone depends on how long you have been a customer of SafeLink Wireless.

How To Get Free Phone in California

What Phone Will I Get By SafeLink Replacement Phone Policy If My Phone Was Lost Or Stolen?

If your phone was lost or stolen and you’re a SafeLink customer, then you will be issued a replacement phone. If it’s not working, then they’ll send you another one, and so on until the issue gets resolved.

The process for getting this new phone is super simple. All you need to do is call their customer service line and, tell them that your phone was lost or broken and they’ll send one right out to you. You don’t even have to go anywhere!

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What Kind Of Phone Will I Get?

Well, that depends on what kind of plan you have!

  • Google Pixel 4

SafeLink Wireless, a company that provides free cell phones and phone plans in over 25 states, has announced that they will be providing the Google Pixel 4 as their new replacement phone.

The Google Pixel 4 is a great upgrade from the previous models of the phones, so this is a great opportunity for many people who don’t have access to their smartphones right now.

If you want one of these new cell phones but you live in an area that SafeLink doesn’t cover yet, don’t worry! They are expanding all over the country as we speak and adding more states every day.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The SafeLink Replacement Policy is a great way to get a phone without spending any money upfront. It provides qualifying customers with a new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (or equivalent) every year, FREE of charge!

The only cost is monthly service fees. These plans offer unlimited talk, text, and data at 4G LTE speeds, which means you will have the latest smartphone with all the features you need at an unbeatable price.

Please note that the new phone provided through SafeLink can be used on the same account as any existing phones you have or may buy in the future, so there are no additional charges or strings attached!

We hope this has been informative and helpful in understanding how you can qualify for a free cell phone from SafeLink!

  • OnePlus 7T

To qualify, you must be a SafeLink customer with an active account that is in good standing (i.e., not disconnected or terminated).

You may also qualify if you are blind or disabled, have limited English proficiency, or are experiencing financial hardship. To apply, visit SafeLink’s online application page by clicking here!

Once you complete the application process, your eligibility will be verified and you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to activate your new phone.

The latest OnePlus 7T comes packed with a 6.41 Super AMOLED display as well as 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage space.

The OnePlus 7T has been tested to have the same performance capabilities as other high-end devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10+ while costing hundreds less than its competitors.

OnePlus has been known for offering powerful phones at reasonable prices, so this device is no exception to its tried-and-true philosophy of affordability without compromising quality.

  • Moto G Stylus

SafeLink Wireless is an affordable cell phone service provider that offers a variety of plans and cell phones, including the Moto G Stylus 4G LTE, which can be given away to seniors in need with SafeLink’s Replacement Policy.

To qualify, you must be 60 years of age or older and live on a fixed income (such as social security).

Once you’ve been accepted into the policy, SafeLink will replace your old phone with one of their new plans (or a new replacement device) after your old phone has reached its end-of-life date or becomes technologically obsolete.

Conclusion :-

If you’re looking for a cell phone provider, it may be worth checking out SafeLink. They offer free replacement phones in case your phone breaks or gets stolen, which can save you money down the road.

It’s not too expensive and they have affordable monthly rates. So whether you’re looking for an upgrade to your current plan or just want to start from scratch, SafeLink might be the perfect choice for you!

You’ll get a new phone with no activation fee (depending on when you sign up) and can also choose between their two easy payment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get more than one replacement phone?

No, SafeLink has a clear replacement policy. The policy is each customer gets one replacement phone in case the phone is broken or stolen. If your phone happens to get dropped in the water or crushed by your motorcycle, then the policy does not apply to you.

What happens when my plan expires?

If you have an expired plan, you will need to purchase another plan and ask for SafeLink to transfer your service. You can also go through SafeShift to buy a new SIM card that fits your phone. It’s possYou mayto use your old SIM card after doing this.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes! Once you’ve been transferred to your new provider, they’ll update all of the information on their end so there won’t be any problems with your number.

How long does it take to get my replacement phone?

The time it takes to receive your replacement phone depends on what type of device you’re getting replaced and where you’re located. In general, customers who live in rural areas are likely to receive their replacements quicker than those living in densely populated cities.

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  1. I received my free phone today I have tried this brand phone before it does not have good signal I live in a wooded area off of the road. As soon as I seen it I contacted coustmer service. I don’t believe she under stood what I was talking about. I have not used the phone Safelink sent it’s all still new.

    • I called SafeLink on behalf of my disabled brother who lost his phone and was told he could not get a replacement phone. No explanation as to why. The agent told me that in order to get another free phone, he would have to cancel the old account and sign up again for the program. Once this was done, the site doesn’t give you an option for a new phone at all. You still have to buy a new one!!

  2. My phone went crazy think somebody might have hacked it it crawled all night long crude all night long from the alarm will not let me do anything

  3. I need a replacement phone through SafeLink ASAP. I love to go and be outside in the outdoors. Unfortunately I was out riding my four-wheeler whenever low and behold I forgot I had my phone in my pocket and it had slid out and hit the ground and shattered all to crap. Man that’s my luck. Anyone know what link to check in on the replacement for free??¿¿


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