How To Get Free Toys For Your Kids?

Toys provide entertainment, encourage creativity, and help children learn new skills. However, buying toys can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child. But what if you could get toys for free? Yes! It is possible to get free toys for your kids.

With a little effort, you can find toys that are in good condition and won’t cost you a cent. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to get free toys for your kids.

From joining toy library programs and participating in toy swaps to taking advantage of online giveaways and checking out garage sales, we’ll explore all the ways you can become toy savvy and get free toys for your kids.

Introduction To The Idea Of Getting Free Toys

As a parent, we all know how expensive it can be to keep our children happy and entertained with toys. Fortunately, there are ways to get free toys for your kids without breaking the bank.

We will explore different ways to get free toys, from toy exchange programs to online toy giveaways and everything in between. Whether on a tight budget or wanting to save money on toys, these tips and tricks will help you get free toys for your kids.

So, let’s discover how you can become a toy-savvy parent and keep your kids happy and entertained without spending a dime.

The Benefits Of Getting Free Toys For Your Kids

There are many benefits to getting free toys for your kids. Firstly, it saves you money. Toys can be expensive, and as children grow, they often lose interest in them quickly. By getting free toys, you can save money and avoid wasting it on toys that may go unused.

Also, getting free toys allows you to try new toys and brands without financial responsibility. You can introduce your child to new things without breaking the bank by getting free toys.

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Furthermore, getting free toys can be a great way to encourage creativity and imagination. Often, free toys are second-hand or recycled, meaning they may need to come with instructions or be in perfect condition.

This can inspire children to use their creativity and imagination to develop new ways to play with the toy. It can also teach your children the value of repurposing and recycling, an important lesson to learn as they grow older.

Many organizations and charities accept donations of toys, which they then distribute to needy children. Donating your gently used toys can help bring joy to children without access to toys.

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How To Get Free Toys Online?

Getting free toys online is easier than you may think. Many toy companies offer promotions and giveaways to attract customers and promote their brands.

One way to find these promotions is by following your favorited toy companies on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Companies may post giveaways and contests or even send out free samples to followers. Look for these opportunities and act quickly because they may need more availability.

Another way to get free toys online is by signing up for product testing programs. Many companies offer product testing programs where they send free samples of their products for customers to test and provide feedback. The company gets valuable product feedback, and the customer gets a free toy.

In addition, websites like Freecycle and Craigslist often have free toy listings posted by people in your local area. These listings may include gently used toys or even new and unopened ones.

By watching for promotions, signing up for product testing programs, and searching online marketplaces, you can quickly get free toys for your kids and save money!

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How To Get Free Toys Through Toy Libraries?

Toy libraries are a great way to introduce your child to new toys without spending much money. Depending on the toy library’s policy, you can borrow toys weekly or monthly.

  1.  The Toy Library Foundation (Australia)
  2.  The Toy Library Association (UK)
  3.  The Toy Library Association of New Zealand
  4.  The Toy Library Association of Canada
  5.  The National Lekotek Center (USA)
  6.  The Toy Library Federation of South Africa
  7.  The International Toy Library Association.

Most toy libraries have a wide range of toys, from educational toys to board games, puzzles, and building blocks, so your child will always be energized. Toy libraries are also a great option to try a toy before purchasing it.

If your child loves a toy from the library, consider buying it for their birthday or any other special occasion. This way, you’re not wasting money on a toy your child may dislike.

In addition to saving money, toy libraries also promote sustainability. By borrowing toys instead of buying them, you’re reducing the waste from toy packaging and old toys thrown away. The toy library is a great way to teach your child about sustainability and environmental care.

You can quickly search online or check with your local community Centre or library to find a toy library near you. Many toy libraries have a small membership fee, but it’s usually very affordable and worth the cost for the benefits you’ll receive.

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How To Get Free Toys Through Toy Swaps?

To find a toy swap event near you, search online for local parenting groups or check the social media pages of community center’s or libraries. You can also organize your toy swap event with your friends or neighbors.

  1.  Freecycle Network
  2.  Toy Swap Network
  3.  The Toy Exchange
  5. Toy Swap Shop. 
  6.  ThredUp’s Toy Swap
  7.  Swapmamas
  8.  Green Toys Exchange
  9.  Toy Giveaway Directory

Toy swaps are a great way to get free toys and are eco-friendly as they promote toy recycling. Moreover, they allow your kids to socialize and interact with other children in the community.

So, start looking for a toy swap event near you or organize one yourself and get free toys for your kids while making new friends in the community.

How To Get Free Toys Through Toy Drives And Donations?

Free toys for your kids are through toy drives, and donations are the best way. Toy drives are organized by various organizations and individuals, especially during the holiday season, to collect and distribute toys to children in need.

  1.  Toys for Tots
  2.  The Salvation Army
  3.  Goodwill
  4.  Ronald McDonald House Charities
  5.  Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  6.  Big Brothers Big Sisters
  7.  Make-A-Wish Foundation
  8.  Operation Homefront
  9.  United Way
  10.  Angel Tree Program.

You can find information about local toy drives by checking community bulletin boards and local newspapers or contacting local charities and non-profit organizations. Some toy drives also accept gently used toys, so consider donating those items.

Free toys through donations from individuals or organizations is another way. Many individuals and businesses are happy to donate toys to needy children, especially during the holiday season.

You can contact local businesses, such as toy stores or children’s clothing stores, to see if they would be willing to donate toys. You can also check with local churches, community canters, and non-profits to see if they have toy donation programs.

Remember that while you may be seeking free toys, respecting the organizations and individuals donating is essential.

Don’t be greedy or demand specific toys; instead, be grateful for whatever you are given. And if you can, consider donating toys to others in need. It’s a great way to spread joy to others.

How To Get Free Toys Through Local Community Programs?

Local community programs are designed to help families in need and provide the required assistance.

One such program is Toys for Tots, run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. This program provides toys to families who cannot afford them during the holiday season.

Another great program is the Angel Tree program, which The Salvation Army runs. This program provides new clothing and toys for children.

  1.  Spark of Love Toy Drive
  2.  Giving Tree
  3.  Cops for Kids
  4.  Operation Santa Claus
  5.  Santa’s Workshop
  6.  Christmas Wish

Community programs offer free toys throughout the year, such as organizations that run toy drives or collect donations of gently used toys. Check with your local churches, community canters, or schools to see if they have any programs that offer free toys.

Additionally, some communities have toy libraries, where families can borrow toys for some time, similar to a traditional library. It’s a way to try different toys without purchasing them.

How To Get Free Toys Through Product Testing Programs?

Product testing programs can be a great way to get free toys for your kids. These programs are usually run by toy manufacturers looking for parents and children to test their latest toys and provide feedback. You can often keep the toys you push in exchange for participating in these programs.

The best way to find these product testing programs is to search online quickly. Many toy manufacturers have programs like this, and they will often post about them on their websites or social media pages. You can also search for toy testing programs through online forums and parenting groups.

  1. Mattel Play, Rate, and Review Program
  2. Hasbro Funlab Product Testing Program
  3. MomSelect (by BSM Media)
  4. The ToyInsider’s Parent Panel
  5. Step2 Toy Tester Program
  6. Melissa & Doug Parent Testing Panel
  7. Fisher-Price Toy Testing Program
  8. Parents Canada’s Toy Testing and Reviewing Program.

When applying for a product testing program, complete the application and provide information about yourself and your child. Manufacturers are often looking for a specific type of customer, so ensure you fit their criteria.

Take your job seriously once you are selected to participate in a product testing program. Play with the toys with your child and provide honest feedback to the manufacturer.

Overall, product testing programs are a great way to get free toys for your kids while also helping toy manufacturers improve their products.

How To Get Free Toys Through Rewards And Loyalty Programs?

Reward and loyalty programs are a great way to get free toys for your kids. Many toy stores offer such programs; some even offer rewards and discounts for signing up. You can redeem them for free toys or discounts upon reaching certain lines.

An example is Toys “R” Us Rewards, which offers 1 point for every dollar spent in-store or online. An example is Toys “R” Us Rewards, which offers 1 point for every dollar spent in-store or online. Especially if you’re a frequent shopper, this can add up quickly.

Another great option is the Target Circle rewards program, which offers exclusive discounts, early access to sales, and personalized deals. You can also earn 1% back on every purchase, which can be redeemed later for free toys or other products.

Additionally, some toy manufacturers have rewards programs, such as the LEGO VIP program, which rewards customers with exclusive sets and discounts for each purchase.

So next time you’re shopping for toys, be sure to ask about any rewards or loyalty programs that may be available. It’s a great way to get complimentary toys for your kids while saving money on future purchases.

Free Toy Tips And Tricks To Maximize Your Chances

For a better chance of getting free toys, here are some tips and tricks :-

  1. Sign Up For Toy Company Newsletters And Follow Them On Social Media :- Many toy companies will run giveaways and promotions exclusively for their email subscribers or social media followers.
  2. Join Online Parenting Groups And Forums :- Join online parenting groups, and forums can be a great way to learn about new toy releases and promotions and connect with other parents interested in swapping or giving away toys.
  3. Attend To Events And Conventions :- Many toy manufacturers and retailers will have booths at these events and may offer free samples or giveaways.
  4. Write Toy Reviews Online :- Some toy companies may offer free toys in exchange for honest reviews on your blog or social media accounts.
  5. Participate In Toy Swaps Or Trades :- You can organize a toy swap with other parents in your community or join a toy trading group online.


In conclusion, the toy-savvy lifestyle is about finding creative ways to get free toys for your kids without breaking the bank.

By following the tips and strategies we’ve shared in this post, you can reduce your toy budget significantly and still provide your children with plenty of fun and educational toys to play with.

You can help your kids develop essential skills and knowledge by choosing engaging, stimulating, and educational toys. Remember to declutter and recycle your old toys to make room for new ones.

By donating or selling toys your kids have outgrown or no longer use, you can help other families in need while reducing clutter in your home.

Overall, the toy-savvy lifestyle is an innovative and sustainable way to give your children the toys they need to grow, learn and have fun. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can become an expert at finding free toys for your kids and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing them happy and fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free toys for my kids?

To get free toys for your kids, such as participating in toy exchange programs, signing up for toy testing panels, and attending community events that give away free toys.

Are there any websites that offer free toys for kids?

Yes, several websites offer free toys for kids. Some of them include Freecycle, Craigslist, and Freegle.

What is a toy exchange program?

A toy exchange program is where you can bring gently used toys and exchange them for other toys. The toy exchange program is a great way to get new toys for your kids without spending any money.

Can I get free toys for my kids by signing up for surveys?

Some survey panels offer free toys to reward completing surveys. Make sure to research and find legitimate survey panels that offer toy rewards.

Can I get free toys for my kids at a toy store?

Some toy stores occasionally offer free toy giveaways as promotions. You can take advantage of them.

Are there any charity organization that provide free toys for kids?

Several charity organizations provide free toys for kids during holidays or special events. Make sure to research and find legitimate charities to participate in.

Can I get free toys for my kids by participating in toy swaps with other parents?

Yes, toy swaps with other parents are a great way to get new toys for your kids without spending money. You can organize toy swaps within your local parent groups or on social media platforms.

Are there any government programs offering free toys for kids?

Some government programs offer free toys for kids during certain events or holidays, such as Toys for Tots during Christmas. Make sure to research and find out about any government programs that offer free toys.

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