8 Best Cell Phone Plans For Students 2023

We are living in the digital era and we can’t imagine living without the internet for a day. Here are 8 Best Cell Phone Plans For Students. Well, cell phones and data become a necessity when you’re a student. So, are you also searching for pocket-friendly student phone plans? If you are nodding yes, then this is the right place for you!

Deciding on student phone plans is indeed a tough job because of all the competition in the market. Worry not, to make your work a bit easy we have jotted down some of the things that you must consider before buying a cell phone plan.

Also, in this blog post, we are going to discuss some of the best and most affordable cell phone plans for you.

8 Best And Affordable Student Phone Plans

Here are some of the best and most popular cell phone plans for students in the United States :-


First on our list of best student phone plans is Verizon. It is the choice of many students in the United States. Verizon offers plenty of plans for the students and it considers their every need.

Moreover, there are plenty of options available when it comes to choosing a cell phone plan. Students can choose between limited and unlimited data, unlimited calling, texting, video streaming, hotspot tethering, wifi calling, and a lot more.

The unlimited plan known as U is best suited for international students. However, there are other cheaper plans than that such as M which is for 4 GB data, L which comes with 8 GB data, and S which comes with 2 GB data.

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Also, Verizon offers a prepaid plan at $40 per month. It provides 3 GB of data with unlimited texting and calling.

All in all, the plans at Verizon range between $35 to $80 for a month which is quite affordable.

Here are the cell phone plans provided by Verizon :-

  1. Start Unlimited 4G LTE Plan @$35 per month
  2. Play and Do More Unlimited Plan @$45 per month, comes with 4G and 5G LTE, 15 GB data
  3. Get More Unlimited @$55 per month, comes with 5G and 4G LTE, 30 GB data.


Moving towards the next best student phone plans that is Tello. So many students enjoy the services offered by Tello as it’s affordable. This cell phone plan is best for students because of its pocket-friendliness. The best thing about Tello plans is that you can customize the text, data, and call, easily.

Moreover, if you are a student who requires a lot of data continuously to attend meetings or lectures, then unlimited data plans of Tello are best for you. They begin at $29 per month. These cell phone plans include 25GB, 5G/4G LTE data, hotspot tethering, and 2G data when the data gets over. Isn’t it a nice option?

The next best thing about Tello is that it offers customization options for family plans.

Below are some of the plans offered by Tello :- 

  1. Tello unlimited text and call plan @$8 for a month.
  2. Tello 2 GB data plan @$14 for a month.
  3. Tello 5 GB data plan @$15 for a month.
  4. Tello 10 GB data plan @$24 for a month.
  5. Tello unlimited data plan @$29 for a month.

You can choose any plan of your choice according to your requirements.

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Visible can be a perfect choice for you if you like streaming a lot! The cell phone company offers just one plan option that includes all three, unlimited calls, text, and data.

Do you know? Visible works on the Verizon network which makes it even more attractive. It offers a plan for one line at $30 per month. Also, if you want to add some other international features in the same, then you can opt for the Visible Plus plan.

It offers a free trial for 15 days as well. And you know what, if you select the visible plus plan, then you get free calls to Mexico and Canada.

Visible offers two plans for customers, they are :-

  1. The visible plan @$30 per month comes with 4G and 5G LTE. It offers unlimited text and calls to Canada and Mexico.
  2. Visible Plus Plan @$45 per month comes with nationwide 5G and 4G LTE coverage. It offers unlimited calls and data to more than 30 plus countries.

Boost Mobile

One other  student phone plan available for you is Boost Mobile. It is a brilliant choice for ents because of its reliability and affordability. Boost Mobile provides plenty of plans that can fit any budget. Also, the network coverage is amazing!

Boost Mobile offers a wide variety of student cell phone plans at $15 per month for three months.  Moreover, if you are looking for a yearly plan, then you can get 1GB of data, unlimited talk time, and text at $8.33 per month.

You don’t have to worry about the internet speed or hotspot capability because you get both in all the plans.

In addition to this, Boost also provides some additional services to the customers like phone insurance, data packs, international services, and a lot more. Overall, it is the most transparent carrier ever and charges no extra cost.

The Boost mobile offers there plans :-

  1. 5GB data plan @$5 per month.
  2. 2GB data plan @$10 per month
  3. 15 GB data plan @$20 per month.

Ting Mobile

If you are someone who needs to call internationally, then this is for you. It doesn’t take any extra fees for calling in more than 60 countries.

The most affordable and cheapest cell phone plan of Ting Mobile begins at $10/ month. It comes with unlimited talk time and text. In case you’re short on data, then you can add a data add-on for $5/GB for a month.

The following plans are offered by Ting Mobile :-

  1. Flex unlimited text and call plan @$10 per month, 4G and 5G LTE. The coverage is nationwide.
  2. Set 5 unlimited talk time and text plan @$25 per month. The users get 5GB of fast data and it can be used as a hotspot as well.
  3. Set 12 plan that is priced at $35 per month and offers 12 GB of unlimited data.
  4. The unlimited plan is priced at $45 per month and provides 22 GB of fast data to the customers.


Moving towards our next best student phone plan, which is MintMobile. It is an amazing cell phone plan provider. Whether you want data, talk time, text, or entertainment, it offers everything at affordable rates.

Moreover, the pricing of Mint Mobile plans is pretty good. Their present plan offers unlimited call and text along with 5GB of data for $15.

Also, they have launched their latest unlimited plan at $30 a month. It provides you with unlimited text, talk, and data. The best thing is you can customize these plans according to your requirements.

Here are the plans provided by MintMobile :-

  1. 5GB, 4G LTE data at $15 for a month.
  2. 15 GB data at $20 per month.
  3. 20 GB data at $25 per month.
  4. Unlimited data at $30 per month.


Are you a student who’s always tight on budget? If yes, then this plan is for you only! FreedomPop is an MVNO( Mobile virtual network operator). But what does that mean?

That means they don’t have their tower but they rent usage right from any other carrier. This lets them purchase plans in bulk and pass on the savings to the customers.

It runs on AT&T mobile network and it is the best network that offers nationwide coverage.

The students are always tight on budget when they’re in college. So, to help college students, FreedomPop provides a free cell phone plan for them. Even their other student cell phone plans are reasonable.

They are as follows :-

  1. 1GB of data, 250 minutes of talk time, and unlimited text are offered at $2.99 per month.
  2. 4GB data, unlimited text and call at $12.99 per month.
  3. 10 GB data plus unlimited talk time and text at $22.99 per month.
  4. An unlimited data plan is offered at $42.99 per month.


As FreedomPop operates on AT and T network, just like that Twigby also runs on the Verizon network.  So, this is best for customers who want stability when it comes to cell phone plans.

Twigby keeps itself unique by providing a 25% discount for 6 months. Also, the customers can customize the plans according to their needs.

Here are the student cell phone plans offered by Twigby :-

  1. No data plan at $10 monthly
  2. 1GB data for $20 each month
  3. 4 GB data at $20 per month
  4. 7 GB data at $25 per month
  5. 10 GB data at $30 per month
  6. Unlimited data plan at $40 per month

These rates are exclusive of discounts given to new customers. Moreover, it provides free international calls to China, Canada, and Mexico. All in all, it’s a good plan for the students.

How To Choose Perfect Student Phone Plans For You?

We get you, choosing a plan that suits your needs is difficult considering all the options available in the market. But we have made it easy for you by jotting down some features that you must look for in a cell phone plan. Here they are:

Best cell phone plans for college students

  1. Price

The very first that we all look for when choosing a cell phone plan is its price. Is it affordable or not, right? So, first, look for the price and check if the features of the plan are according to the price or not.

If the features and price are perfect, then choose that plan and enjoy!

  1. Unlimited

The next thing after the price is the limit of data, text, and calls. If the plan is offering unlimited data, calls, and text at an affordable price, then that’s the cell phone plan for you.

  1. Coverage

Various third-party services leverage an already existing network. For example, Visible uses Verizon’s network instead of its setup. So, before buying a cell phone plan for students, check if it uses its network.

  1. Data Requirement

First, ensure how much data you need. After that look for plans accordingly. If you need unlimited data then choose a plan that offers unlimited data. If you do not need data, then opt for a plan that offers only calling features and so on.

  1. Validity

You must also consider the validity of a cell phone plan when choosing the best plan for you. All cell phone plans come with different validity. So, when choosing a plan, check the validity as well.

Conclusion :-

Okay, as we are at the end, we believe you got what you needed from this blog. We hope we have made it easy for you to choose a cell phone plan with all the benefits at affordable rates.

All the above-mentioned plans are amazing, you can choose from any of them according to your preferences and requirements. In case you need help, ping us right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Offers The Best Cell Phone Plan?

There is no best cell phone plan because each plan is best in its way. However, the best plan differs based on your requirements. Every plan has its weakness and strength. All in all, there’s a plan for you depending upon the features that you require in that plan.

Which Cell Phone Providers Offer The Best Discounts?

Mint Mobile and Boost Mobile are the most reasonable plans for students. Their plans start at $10 per month. Also, they offer nationwide coverage to the students.

Which Is The Cheapest Plan For Students?

The cheapest cell phone plan providers are Mint Mobile, Tello, and Boost Mobile. Their plans range between $25-$30 per month. The students can save a lot of money if they choose these plans.

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