Verizon Cell Phone Plans For Seniors : Unlimited 55+ Plans

Here you can find Verizon Cell Phone Plans For Seniors. People like staying connected and most importantly seniors! They wish to stay connected with their people and mobile phone and plans have made it very easy for them.

So, are you searching for Verizon plans for seniors? As you are here we assume you must be! This blog contains all the necessary information that you must know about Verizon plans for seniors.

Keep reading to know all about it.  Let’s first understand what Verizon’s senior plan is.

What Is Verizon’s Senior Plan?

Mobile phones have become a necessity for all of us and people feel the need to stay connected all the time. Especially the senior people, they need to talk to their family and friends.

A regular plan would not be suitable for seniors as it has plenty of features. The seniors mainly need talk time in their plan. That’s why Verizon curated senior plans for people above 55 years.

A senior plan is a customized cell phone plan that’s made considering the requirements of senior citizens. It offers various benefits, discounted rates, and additional features that fulfill all the needs of seniors.

Verizon offers a senior plan called “Verizon 55+ Unlimited Plan ”. For seniors, an Unlimited plan with one line is absolutely a good place to begin.

It is flexible and reliable and you can get additional benefits just by spending an extra $10 per month.

The perks include membership of Walmart and subscriptions to AppleOne, 2TB cloud storage etc.

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Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ Plan : Best Verizon Plans For Seniors

Verizon offers the most affordable and reliable senior plans known as Unlimited 55+ for people aged 55 and more. The Customers get unlimited data, calls, text, and a lot more for up to 2 lines in these seniors plans offered by Verizon.

Not only this, but these plans are also inclusive of unlimited text, data, and talk in Canada and Mexico.

It also provides unlimited mobile hotspots. That means you can connect other devices to the internet as well.

Talking about the network and speed of Verizon’s senior plans, then they are just brilliant! The network is reliable and it offers fast speed to the customers.

So, if you need a cell phone plan for seniors, then Verizon’s plans for seniors are the best that you can get. If it offers value, affordability, and reliability to its customers. The unlimited 55+ plan is specifically designed keeping the needs of seniors in mind, that’s why you must consider using it!

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Let’s take a quick look at its features!

Features of Verizon’s Unlimited 55+ Plan :-

  • The plan offers unlimited data, text, and talk time.
  • Unlimited hotspot as well as DVD streaming available or 55+plans.
  • Unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico.
  • No extra charges
  • Nationwide coverage with 5G and 4G LTE networks
  • Prepaid and unlimited plans are available
  • The 55+ unlimited plan is available in Florida only.

Pricing Of Verizon (Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan)

Before discussing the pricing, let us tell you that it is affordable and the best cell phone plan one can get.

Verizon’s senior plans begin at $60 for a month for one line. If you wish to take two lines, then the prices go up by $20.  These prices are exclusive of taxes and fees.

Verizon wireless plans for seniors

The customers get unlimited text, talk time, and 4G data, which means you can easily connect with your loved ones without worrying about exhausting the limit.

In addition to this, the senior discount plan is best for streaming data. So, if you are someone who loves watching videos, then you can have this plan. It offers high-quality streaming so that you can enjoy your series or movies.

And you know what? You don’t need to purchase any other international plan to talk internationally. You can just use this plan for the same. Especially, you can call anyone in Mexico and Canada for as long as you want.

Other Verizon Plans For Seniors

Though, currently Verizon only offers an unlimited 55+ plan for seniors. But there are some other unlimited plans offered by Verizon as well. We have listed them below :-

  1. Verizon Start Unlimited

This plan offers unlimited data, text, and talk time atat$35 per line for a month.

Along with this, users also get free subscriptions to Disney+, Discovery +, Apple Music, and so on for 6 months.

  1. Verizon Prepaid Unlimited

Priced at $65 per month for a single line and provides unlimited calls, text, and internet to the users.

Not only this, but users also get loyalty discounts, free calls, data, and text to Mexico. In addition to this, they can also get extra data at just $5 per month.

  1. Verizon Play More Unlimited

This plan is priced at $45 for a single line and offers unlimited calls, text, data, and mobile hotspots.

Also, the users get subscriptions to Hulu, ESPN, Discovery +, and various other services free for up to 12 months.

  1. Verizon Do More Unlimited

This plan comes at $45 per line and offers unlimited calls, text, and data to the users.

The customers get 600 GB of cloud storage free. Plus, subscriptions to Apple Music, Disney+, and Discovery Plus for 6 months.

Advantages Of Verizon Plans For Seniors

Verizon’s plans are too good, especially the senior plans. They are affordable, reliable, flexible, and offer a lot of benefits to the customers.

Not only this, but they also offer lots of benefits which we are going to discuss below :-

  • Affordable Unlimited Plans

When it comes to affordability, Verizon tops the list! It offers unlimited data, talks, and text to its customers. The price of one line starts at $40 a month.

  • No Contracts

Yes, you heard it right! You are not required to sign any contract and use the service for a minimum time.  You are free to cancel the service at any time.

  • Brilliant Network Coverage

The network coverage offered by Verizon is just brilliant! It provides the most comprehensive and fastest network to its customers.

How To Choose The Best Plan For Seniors 2023?

With so many options available in the market, choosing one senior plan is the most difficult task. We got you, that’s why to make it easy for you we have jotted down certain things that you need to keep in mind while choosing a senior phone plan for you.

  1. Unlimited Talktime & Text

The main thing to consider in a cell phone plan is talking and texting. Although, all the cell phone plan providers offer unlimited talk time and text in their plans. But the point is to find the one that offers more at less price.

  1. Consider Data Usage

The seniors do not require much data, they mainly need talk time on their phones. So, make sure to check the data usage of the seniors you wish to take the plan for.

If they use their phone just for calling and texting, then having a plan that offers to talk would be the best option.

But, if they are on social media and love to stay connected and updated, then buying a plan that offers data along with talk time is important.

One more thing that you must consider is the amount of data they use. Then, choose the plan accordingly.

  1. Assess The Network Coverage

A cell phone plan would be of no use if it doesn’t offer network coverage at the place where you live.  So, before buying a cell phone plan, make sure to check the network coverage of your area.

A good cell phone plan offers great connectivity!

Conclusion :-

That’s all about Verizon’s Unlimited Plan for seniors. It is the best cell phone plan available for seniors. All thanks to its brilliant features like unlimited text, data, talk time, mobile hotspot, nationwide coverage, great connectivity, high-quality streaming, and a lot more.

And you know what? You don’t have to worry about compatibility because it is compatible with various cell phones. All in all, this cell phone plan is perfect for seniors. It lets them connect with their people at affordable rates.

The only drawback of the plan is that it’s currently available in Florida only. But soon, it’s going to be available everywhere.

Still, do you have any questions regarding choosing the best cell phone plans for seniors? Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Verizon Offer Senior Discounts?

No, as of now they do not offer any such discounts. But they do provide various senior cell phone plans at discounted rates to people aged 55 and more.

Are Verizon Plans Affordable?

Yes, truly! They are affordable. The features and benefits they offer outweigh the cost. So, yes you can enjoy Verizon senior plans without emptying your bank account.

Is Verizon Senior Plan Available In All Countries?

No, currently Verizon is only available in Florida. But in some time, the network will be widely available in many other parts.

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